Florida remains top state for international home buyers

South Florida continues to have high activity from international home buyers. Florida continues to benefit from foreign sales. The most popular states to purchase in made up 61 percent of all purchases in the United States:

  • Florida (23 percent)
  • California (17 percent)
  • Arizona (9 percent)
  • Texas (9 percent)
  • New York (3 percent)

Florida’s real estate market benefits from international purchase because foreign buyers are more likely to be wealthier than domestic buyers.

Foreign buyers are in the market for different real estate than domestic purchasers would be, and they would be more inclined to buy the luxury homes for sale in Miami, where we would be looking at Condos for sale in Miami Beach.

My wife, Val, and I would be very happy either way, as long as the beach is close. It is all about location, location, location!

I am here to help you “Invest in Your Lifestyle”.  Please contact me if you are thinking about  buying or selling a home in South East Florida.

At Florida 360 Realty, our mission is to empower the buyer with a financial acquisition strategy, provide the seller with a profitable exit strategy and develop a significant capital growth strategy for the investor.”


Tom new photos Author: Thomas Pidgeon,  Real Estate Broker


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