Understanding Health Plans in the USA

Understanding how to acquire a health plan in the USA can be fairly difficult due to the complex health industry jargon, and to the very complexity of each plan (and there are many!).

That’s why we’re sharing the first part of the tips offered by our Insurance Broker, Paula Rosa, from Universal Insurance:

“There are 5 very important things to know before choosing the plan that will best cover your family’s medical needs::

PPO and HMO: These pertain to the established network of partnerships that each insurance company holds. PPO has a wider network of doctors and hospitals, where you are free to choose the doctor of your preference or desired specialty. With a PPO plan, you do not need a referral, which means you can go directly to a specialist. With an HMO Plan, on the other hand, you always have a primary doctor (general physician) who will see you firstly and will only subsequently refer you to a specialist in their network. The PPO always comes with a higher monthly price, due to the liberty of not having referrals (being sent to a specialist by a general physician) and also due to having a wider network of assistance (often, a national network).

Deductible: An amount that the client is responsible for paying. It is generally used when you’re seen in a hospital, or when you need to undertake medical exams.

Co-Insurance: A percentage of the insurance that you’re still responsible for after having used your Deductible, and that also applies to other medical exams. Usually, plans offer a *co-insurance of 0%, 10%, 20% or more. The best is to always keep the lowest percentage.

Maximum Out of Pocket: This is the limit that you will have annually, with your annual spending for each person or family (it does not include the monthly payment).

Copay: A fixed amount paid every time you are seen by your doctor or specialist, or when you buy medicines.

This is the most basic information you need before looking for a health plan  in the United States. You should contact a licensed insurance agent in your state, they will be able to help you evaluate all the available options for each individual situation. Today, with the higher demand from people who want a new life in this country, it is always advisable to have an agent who speaks your language.

The laws and regulations for health plans have gotten increasingly tight in the last few years, and are constantly changing. For this reason, looking for a licensed agent in your state who operates in the field of health plans is one of the very first things to do once you consider moving to the United States”.

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