South Florida is Safe Real Estate


Word on the street, and by street, I mean global, is that South Florida is the top choice for foreign investors who want to use their money towards real estate deals. Why is South Florida Safe Real Estate?

Is it because the south has the lowest change and is steady when it comes to selling percentages? Or the fact that we have sandy beaches, water views, and the location is prime? Either way, who would pay $2,300 per square foot of sand in South Florida? Foreign Investors would.

Al Lewis, from The South Florida Business Journal took an excerpt from the Real Estate Journal where Jeff Zbar wrote about a wealthy Argentinian family paid $125 million for 1.25 acres in downtown Miami. He also mentioned that Argentina is about to crash in its debt for the eighth time in history.

So, why choose to spend your money in South Florida to build up, when your our nation is failing? Well, it’s a game of safe ball with large sums of money. South Florida is a for sure thing compared to the gamble they would play with investing in Argentina, I suppose.

Miami is making a comeback thanks to investors and the real estate scene as a whole. If you also take a look at another article I wrote on the $60 million Miami Development Project, you will see that any investment for development is a push towards the right direction for South Florida.

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