For those who are thinking of living or investing in real estate in Florida, but don’t know many areas besides the famous “Downtown Miami”, “South Beach” and the ones that surround the theme parks in Orlando, we hope that our tips below will be useful to you in your choice process.

     We recommend some of the many excellent areas in Southeast and Central Florida, which have better schools, security, beautiful views, among other attractions. They bring together everything (or almost everything) you can wish for your new home.

     First, let’s talk about some areas of Southeast Florida: Miami-Dade (Miami), Broward (Fort Lauderdale) and Palm Beach counties. Then over the Central area (Orlando and Tampa): While this rule is not strict, as there are exceptions, the best areas in Southeast Florida for families with school-age children are those on the west side, opposite the beach.

     Generally, “Grade 10 or A +” schools are located in the most distant neighborhoods, where we would call “suburban areas”.

     American families generally like to live in places where there is less tourists and / or people from other areas. They seek tranquility to take children to school; they think that such an environment is more “controlled” and safe to raise their children. And because neighborhoods have all the resources nearby (stores, shopping centers, schools, supermarkets, cinemas and entertainment in general), people don’t have to travel far to do what they need.

     Beach areas usually have more people, like tourists, and Americans don’t like the “mess” that usually surrounds these areas. In addition, most good schools are outside this area.

       If the family wants to live luxuriously close to the beach, they usually have to pay a private school for their children, since Grade 10 or A + schools are very crowded and scarce. There are exceptions, as we mentioned, but as a rule this is how the areas are divided in South Florida. It is also important to comment that some areas have a greater predominance of houses, while others, more residential buildings. The most popular areas in Southeast Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach) for housing are:




     Predominance of apartments and currently the object of a great expansion of new buildings and investments in general. Currently, more than 300 new residential and luxury buildings are being built in this area. It has some good public schools, but families with school-age children have to be well advised.

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     Close to Coral Gables, Pinecrest is an excellent area, with a good mix of houses and apartments and good schools. However, most properties are very expensive.

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     It is one of the most sought after and most expensive places to live in Southeast Florida. As it is an old neighborhood, most houses need renovation and those that don’t are very expensive. The location is excellent, close to everything, and it is a very beautiful place.

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     Located close to the beach, these are very busy areas with a predominance of residential buildings. Traffic in the region is quite intense.  Very affluent area as well.

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     These are located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They are 2 of the most developed and beautiful places in Southeast Florida, where most schools are Grade 10 or A. Most properties consist of houses in gated communities with several lakes. These are 2 of the areas that we recommend to our clients with school-age children.

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     It is very close to Weston, also in the Fort Lauderdale area. Although the neighborhood is not as sought after as Weston and Parkland, there are several beautiful gated communities. and you pay a lot less for large, nice houses. Most schools are also good and this neighborhood is an excellent alternative for those who want to live in an easily accessible region, live well and do not pay as much.

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     It is located north of Fort Lauderdale, approximately an hour from Miami airport. Boca Raton is one of the most affluent areas in Southeast Florida and one of the cities with the highest per capita gross income as well. The schools are excellent and the level of security is very high (although almost everywhere here is very safe …). The predominance is of houses in gated communities and lots of golf club communities as well. 

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     These are the most affluent areas of Orlando, where the per capita gross income is three times that of Miami. It is mostly residential, lots of nature and most of the properties in Windermere were built around 7 lakes. It is a region that Florida 360 highly recommends to our customers who want to live in Orlando and stay in a quieter place, with a predominant American culture and away from the busy and touristy areas. Most schools with the highest grades as well. 

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     Areas with characteristics very similar to those of Windermere, but with more movement and commerce. These are older areas with less new construction. 

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      Close to the Disney parks, this is a region in high demand by Latinos, also for being very nice and safe in Orlando. It was originally designed and built out by Disney, firstly aimed at accommodating their employee population.   You really feel like you live in one of their Parks! 

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     It is also one of the most affluent areas of Tampa, a quieter city, although with a cosmopolitan aspect, where people have everything around them. Tampa is still a predominantly American region, an option for immigrants who want to immerse themselves in the American culture, without losing the Latin charm.

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     As always, Florida 360 will be on hand to find the property that best meets your needs and expectations in Florida. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will present you all the properties available under your choice criteria. Also ask us about the various benefits and advantages of working with Florida 360 Realty, as your international broker and consultant.

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